Fernando Serani

Fotógrafo y cronista de rock freelance / Freelance photographer and rock writer

I began my
career as an amateur photographer/writer in 1992, before becoming a
professional by getting a degree at TEA and Fotoclub Buenos Aires. I have been working mainly in the rock scene. All my
biographical data related to that field can be found HERE. I work for magazines and
websites, doing covers and general photography, and also writing. I did countless album covers and photosessions with bands. My
photographic work outside the rock world, like the one in this site, still
remains unpublished. Photography is among my first passions, where not only
rock has a place, but numerous projects in areas such as wildlife,
entertainment and art. I believe that in this profession, the gathering of
knowledge and experience rise in line with the constant desire to capture
images with the aim to endure the illusion of Time, with my own vision, through
the lens of a camera.